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June 04, 2004



This is pure genius! I worked with his younger brother who knew 'every' programming language and it was not much different from this...


Caustic Phil, you have a potty mouth and I am going to tell your mother!


LOL! Fantastic stuff. But you know what is worse? In my current company (let's call it BILLYBOB), people have have to attend an induction workshop as soon as they are hired. Guess what? It's the newest ACME-o-matic BlunderMan creator. While at the induction, I heard things like: "Please tell us what you think we are doing wrong", "we are open to criticism", "we would love to know the insights or a 3rd person", "new starters always have a keen eye for detail, as they are new to the environment".

What a bunch of goatcrap! Needless to say that I have witnessed a large ammount of abuse in this brothel.


Dude, seriously.....you're my hero. Is there a book I can by on Amazon or something to be more like you?

Max Ostap

Agreed. But its amaizing how much better your BS detector becomes when spending enough time arguing with these people. Watch them deviate and try bury the original thesis under a mountain of bullshit, then smack them in the face with it.


`your' is used to show that something belongs to someone. `I like your new car.'

`you're' is a contraction that means `you are'

Please, please, PLEASE try to get this right? A friend sent me link to this site, and I love how your voice opinions many of us have privately and publicly. The manner in which you do it is hilarious. But but... confusing `your' and `you're' hurts my eyes. :(

Blunder man

Hey not all us old bastards are technically imcompetant in fact some of us grab each new language by the balls and try and learn the hell out of it.

I have to deal with bright eyed little bastards who because they have excellent technical skill think they fucking know it all, design some horrendous technical nightmares on to a project and expect to hit deadline. This is the bit where experience comes in, kids with no bloody experience with great technical skills also have little regard for deadlines and have generally pulled the project down and everyone involved gets a kickin cos of one ego-centric tosser who thinks he has nothing to learn from people who have done this a while.

Although the guy you describe does sound like a complete prick.

(Suitable caustic comment I hope).


blunder man: i like your style!


Great stuff. Somewhat related is the programmer who writes some component or class for a couple of days then proclaims to the whole team "Look at this that I wrote! It is generic and everyone can use it!"

Nevermind why someone should use it, or wether it fits into the architecture or not. Or if it is even easy to use.


blobbus: thanks...and i've encountered that shit way too many times myself. (it's actually amazing that any software works at all)

Adam Young

I worked with a Blunderman on my last project; no names mentioned, but he lives in Nottingham, England. I can understand where they're coming from; they're in a position of authority, and their technical skills have suffered (& probably weren't that good in the first place), yet they're acutely aware that they manage technical people and have to command their respect. So instead of taking on new ideas, or accepting other peoples' points of view, they have to continuously ride you like a monkey, chattering away with their incomprehensible and illogical arguments until you give in. They are poison. Any project with a Blunderman on it will fail, and the best people in the team will leave because no-one listens to them or respects their ideas; those poor souls who remain have to suffer the borderline schizophrenic whims of Blunderman (another trait of his is not just illogical argument to get his own way, but a constant shifting of his position, like a snake, in a bid to confuse and demoralize).

You mention that Blunderman is usually someone new to a company, but I think Blunderman is an old-timer who just wants an easy life, and has turned into a bully to ensure no-one challenges his position. He just wants to sit down and write code, take it easy until retirement comes up and bask in the glory of being a "guru" - only people who work under Blunderman can see him for what he is; he bamboozles everyone else into thinking he knows what he's talking about.


Very fine story here. I met this guy about 2 years ago. I did not have to work on one of his projects but i wanted to apply for his group he directed. After our first meeting I was pretty confused because he was ranked 2 levels above me but hadnt said two meaningful sentences beside: "cause of my long experience in IT" and "You know this is so .... true .... sometimes ... it is" (hard to translate but this strange stops and confusing repitions were there). We "talked" for an hour or so and he told me about his ex wife and this sort of things and in the end he told me that for the future he only will work with ppl that have the same experience like himself (20 years or so). Otherwise he said he would only be disappointed by results.


With my 10 years of experience I would have to say, people like this Blunder-Person you are refering to, are completely capable of making design calls, and implemetation changes. Especially when it comes to reconfiguring the flux-compacitor-ma-bob! Tricky things, those flux-capacitor-ma-bobs, but you wouldn't know anything about that, heh [raises eyebrow]. At my last job, we did'nt like to use the words fuck and shit, we liked to use poke and dookie, it is much more effective. For example: "while being forced to work with this piece of dookie, no idea or contribution from the team is going to be good enough while BlunderMan has his own bulldookie to spew forth." and "(often by using completely irrational/illogical arguments that make absolutely no poking sense.)" [side ways smile and points] heh see how I did that? Eh' you'll learn.

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