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June 04, 2004





You are going to re-define how we think of "ranting". :-)

Great article - this was my favorite part:

"we only need to go throught the loop 10 times, but i made sure we loop 10000 times just to be safe."


In the words of the professor: "I resemble that remark." -- that little ol' system architect, me [;<).

Don Box


I'm glad I'm not the only one who cringes when people use the terms SOA or Enterprise.

I do think the WS-Bidet thing will be big someday :-)


Dave Donaldson

Dude, you rock. And I'm with Don: drives me insane when people use all these terms and don't really understand what they mean or how to apply them. Keep up the good posts.


System Architect -> We have 5 of these in our location. They are very good at reading 1 paragraph article intros from magazaines while taking a dump in the morning. Then, when they write their requirements spec, they spew out this BS that they just read. For kicks, I asked one of them what he meant, implementation wise. He said, its up to me to decide how I want to implement. Just one big moron.


everybody - thanks for the kind words and encouragement! if anybody would like to make any suggestions on post topics, rants, etc...i would be most appreciative!



Oh my god!
I have seen the light

Bless you.



Yo Phil... good to see you are still alive and that your browbeatings haven't come to an end! You should write about some of the shit we used to gab about for hours on end. Haha.

Kristoffer Sheather

I concur - too many people are full of fluff and bullshit these days!


You guys might be interested in this...

And this...

Steve Hebert

You mentioned you were looking for topics. Another good rant would be around people at conferences. Here are some that come to mind....

- Conference Groupies.
- PBAs -or- people who challenge the presenter on some esoteric topic in the middle of a session in a Pathetic Bid for Attention)
- Planted Java programmers. This one is old. These were attractive women likely planted by Sun who tried to pass as programmers saying "I program in Java, what do you do?" Given that most programmers are geeks, the response was "me too!"


steve - it's funny you should mention conferences...because sometime within the next couple of posts, i'm going to be posting about the conference circuit subculture and all the associated garbage along with's going to touch on all the points you brought up - along with booth babes, cheap bastards who try to get as many freebies as possible, when demo machines crash, ugly booth monstrosities, etc...

Steve Hebert

I'm subscribed and looking forward to it!


Hilarious stuff, can't wait to see what else you've got here!



great stuff!!! Working as a government contractor, trust me that you only tipped the iceberg. but still enough to make anyone roll in their seat!

Charles Goff

Amen brother. You missed one really important word though; synergy. Any time this word spews forth from someones mouth when they're talking to me I can't understand another word out of their mouths. They start to sound like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon.


charles: damn, i wished i put that one in there! good call...


it is SOAP ..... not SOA!!!!

use it and u get clean

Toby Considine

but but but I'm dedicating my life to WSPorcelain - we aren't anticpating getting anything as useful as WSBidet until 4.0

Great stuff. After 7 months on site the PM's just asked me about all those Access databases (which are actually r-o views onto the back-end SQL Server) and why the data seems redundant in several of them


toby: remember though, always wrap WSNo2 and WSWipe in a WS-Transaction, of course which after committed, you can then WSFlush, unless it rollsback, which you will then need a WSPlunger

mikes apartment


No Way

I disagree with what I read. This guy sounds like some disgruntled wanker who has watched others do well, receive credit, and move on because he is too self-centered to even try to understand how the business wishes to use technology. So, instead of trying to figure out what his work is really suppose to do, he sits back and figures everyone else around him are idiots and he is the only one who knows the TRUTH. In the meantime, anyone making any real decisions doesn't want to speak to this guy anymore because they are tired of hearing him bitch, so they keep putting him into jobs with smaller and lower consequence. The new people at first listen to him then one third get bored of him and focus on real work, one third don't want to upset him so wear fake smiles when he rants, and the last third continue to lower the productivity curve. Sorry, folks, I ain't biting. I love technology and I love architecting and building enterprise systems. I don't like it when marketing, sales, or product people misuse terms, but who really cares as long as they aren't overselling - that's the real issue - and we certainly can't rely on this dolt to sell anything, other than a bunch of misguided hatred to those who don't know better.

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I wish Phil will gonna update this blog like he used to be.

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