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June 11, 2004


Scott C. Reynolds

Oh man...keep it coming. This is an awesome blog.

Ever leave a comment on /. that didn't trash Microsoft? Don't bother, nobody will ever see it because it gets insta-modded to -5 astroturfing.


Please be kind and quit your day job and Blog full time. Every post just keeps getting better!

David Totzke

Actually, I do have an Aunt Tilly. In truth, she is my great aunt. My Grandmother's sister. She's 96 or so and an absolutely wonderful, joyous and life-filled person. She doesnt' know shit about computers mind you, but that's beside the point.

I catch any of you fucks slaggin' my dear great aunt Tilly and there's going to be trouble!

The next time one of these Guru Azz Wadz mentions here name in vain, you just let me know.


"they also seem to have a uncanny mastery of the rules of capitalization. however i have noticed a slight dyslexic "

hmmm I see a pattern.

Keep it up, funny stuff! ;-)


HGF - you got me!! (it was only a matter of time...)

thanks for the encouragement!

Jonathan Malek

Funny fucking stuff. Keep the fucking good work up, but I have one tiny fucking request--keep the fucking Glengarry GlenRoss "fuck" routine where it fucking belongs--in the fucking 90's, for fuck's sake. I fucking found myself fucking talking like this for fucking three fucking days after reading your fucking blog.

And now, I beg--please, please promote the last three Zealots that you mention to positions worthy of their own sections. I must know more!


jonathan - thanks! i'm glad you brought up glenngarry glennross - one of my all time favorite flicks. i was fortunate enough to see it in the theater and it has now influenced my language for the better part of the decade!!

Anonymous bastard

Speaking of proper capitalization, could you capitalize the beginnings of your sentence? It would make your prose that much more readable. I mean, you capitalize words everywhere else, so what's the hang up?


as far as the capitalization thing goes, believe it or not, i'm just too damn lazy to use the shift key. i know, i know, that's a lame excuse. if enough people get on my ass about it, maybe i'll start capitalizing. ;)


see my email address for all that I find wrong with your blog.


I like all this "fucking" talk. It's like on wonkette or being in the Navy.
If you want to hear how these Open Sores guys talk, listen to thelinuxshow. But it's hard to laugh because it's so loser sad.

Nerdherding for Beginners

Since were talking about Guru Zealots - you've probably seen this post (http://cadenhead.org/workbench/stories/2004/06/12/eric-s-raymond.html) already but just in case.

Very funny.

Nerdherding for Beginners

Whoops - the URL got fucked up by the closing parenthesis. Try http://cadenhead.org/workbench/stories/2004/06/12/eric-s-raymond.html instead.



Maybe write a JavaScript to post-process your pages and capitalize? :=)

Won't help with spelling, of course...

Good grief, I hadn't laughed this hard in quite a while. Thanks for that!


Uh, Ignorant Zealot is a tautaulogy.

Please, you are remiss to forget that there are at least as many fucking ignorant Microsoft zealots out there still that are just as fucking voiceful in their fucking misguided opinions, even on slash-my-dot which I will be the first to admit is the fucking bane of all fucking information searching mofos who actually value a reasonable fucking opinion that is fucking well based on the damned facts. The difference being that more of these fuckers have no fucking technical skills at all.

I found your post funny, even though there was nothing there I didn't already know. BTW, I think the only person who actually believes that ESR is a "Guru" is ESR.

Vic Berggren

Preach on... this is spectacular.

Your repeated obscenities take your article from "rant" down to "troll".

Your lack of study in the open source philosphy reveals itself like a beacon of ignorance.

Not that your points in _in general_ are invalid.

Open source people often tend to fall into these categories.

Kindly write better and become more aware of your subject next time.


Well, i guess very strong emotions, but i feel every person has a right to his/her own opinion.I personally dont see a software like an open source or commercial, but what i do beleive is that it is truely amazing that the open source community is actually bringing so much of computer literacy all across, guys get to reinvent the wheel to actually see if it was made correct or not. I guess the critique against microsoft acts as a motivating factor for those who are involved in opensource development, some guys like it some dont, we can write stories about personal perception of what people think, but i think the bigger picture is that in a game there are guys who play dirty from both sides, i am sure there is a microsoft side too. But this game is definately going to get the community in large better softwares.

Best description I have read in a long time. But let us not forget that all choice is good, as long as the choice is a variant of Linux, you know, who needs commercial products and support? And the infamous "Works on my box" answer to questions. And of course the ability of IBM to ride a marketing wave on the back of the slashkiddies. But let us give thanks to the fact that anyone who can actually develop software is going to have years of work coming up replacing the junk that these folks write with quality commercial software.


Well, many people seem to have a lot of time to write such shit like this blog and its comments. (Me included ...)


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Chanel Purses

for some reason that is so fucking completely beyond me

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