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April 09, 2005



talk about hitting the nail on the head! Man did that ring true.....

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I wish Phil will gonna update this blog like he used to be.


I owe my career to VB6. It was easy enough for me to pick up at 12 years old, and that evolved into a very rewarding career. Now I'm cleaning up after VB6 developers--consultants, no less--that are the picture perfect representation of the so-called developers you've described. There was no forethought, and there is no real design. Truly, there are no words to describe this heaping mess of a project they've left behind. It is not a "system," as management thinks it is, but rather a collection of dozens upon dozens of 30 minute apps linked together through a series of forms and buttons. All of this is downright pathetic, and yes, it could have been avoided if VB6 had never been invented; however, it could also have been avoided if management had done their job. Don't bash the moron-empowering qualities of RAD tools, because they really do have a place in the hands of competent individuals. Bash the moron-empowering morons in management who don't know how to hire qualified professionals... or fire the bad ones.

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