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July 31, 2005



Nice to see you back!

Pat Berry

All that and nothing about Ruby on Rails...

thomas woelfer

oh. looks like you're still alive. good.

thomas woelfer

Anonymous Coward

It's about fucking time you posted! G'Damnit!

Scott C. Reynolds

Phil...have you gone over the edge finally?


andy: thanks.... (by the way, your post on bullshitting definitely requires a more careful analysis)

scott: no, i can assure you, i have not gone over the edge yet. i am still quite sane. trust me... you'll know when i'm over the edge. however, i appreciate your concern...


although i don't agree with the free software bit, the rest is pretty accurate, especially the part about social software. i ranted about it just last week, especially the bit about bad poetry. glad to see i'm not the only one =)




You wrote:

"the public is stupid enough to value these arrogant buffoons close to the tune of a billion dollars"

Trailing twelve month sales (total revenue) at Google (GOOG) are US$4.48 Billion. Market Capitalization of Google (shares outstanding times price) is US$83.11 Billion. Both of these numbers are as of tonight's market close. So you were off by a factor of about 83, but I think I'm just beginning to get your point (I'm a little slow).

BTW, where is your crappy CAPTCHA to protect you from blog spam?



o: thank you for the correction. this of course though brings us from mildly depressing to fucking suicidal...


Phil, you always amuse me with your insightful commentary. As a corralary to your "love" of the moronic, My least favorite idiot is the senior exec who repeatedly demands un-achievable deadlines for projects. So you are always pushing things out a week before going live, or going live and then spending months cleaning up the mess. There's nothing like an entire MIS dept spinning their wheels 18 hrs a day for some project that never goes live...or goes live and creates more issues than before. So cheers for your candor and your humor...most of us are in a similar boat.


homer: thanks for the kind words. what you are talking about is actually going to be a subject of a later post that i've been thinking about...


Thank God you're back!

Tobin Titus

Perhaps you'd like my competition to Ajax named JAXASS (http://www.jaxass.net).

Jeremy Brayton

People will spend money on things they perceive to have value or added value. An upgrade from Office 2000 to Office 2003 for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint is 0% value. There's nothing useful that was changed in any of those products. The only product in the entire Office suite that deserves the upgrade sticker is Outlook. It's actually become a decent email client with administrative features that won't allow your employees to completely trash their computer while they proceed to get all sorts of email pr0n and other wonderful goodness. Is it worth $400? Hell no. $40? Maybe.

If I didn't have a job that required me to watch over employees like little children I could care less about Office. It's not really all that great and you can't really innovate anything about a Word processor. Them damn things have been around as long as man has written. It was first called stone and a chisel.

Is it just me, but do these points seem like symptoms of a larger problem?
That problem is that people are demanding more money for less and/or shitty work.

It'll only become greater though as borderline criminal behavior is now business policy in some companies. People will do what they can get away with and it's pretty evident that people are trying to work for nothing. I suspect if people could get paid to do nothing, they would. Wait a minute, I just described welfare yet these people wouldn't dare call it that. Retards.


primo!! from now on i am going to read all your posts at the office, so my snorts of laughter disrupt all my fellow drones.

kudos for keeping it real :)



Yeah, Google is gonna disappoint many people someday. I will NEVER get tired of looking at my house using the sat image though.



To add to the agony of using Google earth, I installed it and was looking for live images of my house. Unfortunately Google says that the images were taken sometime in last 3 years and are not as frequently updated as you may think. So even if you are not getting tired of looking at your house, do not expect to see your wife or kids waving at you.
BTW looks like my house is below the clouds when the photograph was taken and Google has not updated it yet :-(

Timothy Babych

Man, you got to kill yourself now. This world is full of morons and bullshit and this is unlikely to change. And arrogant jerks will never get used to it.


you're so full of shit.


I like the fucking fresh face you put on our industry. Keep up the fucking good work!


Give us more... its time!


I'll start by saying that i agree with you.

As to google, they're overvalued and overhyped, and you're dead on. I'm still waiting for the bubble to burst, but the people with money aren't the people with technical insight. Hell, even the people with technical insight are lemmings to the new machine. It's sad, but hopefully we can cash in on the stock spike before everyone wises up, or Google actually becomes a real business.

To your point on desktop search, I might point out that while I've never needed it for the seam reasons as you, every non-techie I know does. People seriously don't understand files and folders. I kid you not. Worse, they don't understand how to navigate through Windows, let alone the file system. They need toolbars as well, because the web browser is all they understand. On top of that, they can't figure out the address bar, so they always have to start from a search engine or a bookmark to get anywhere. This is reality, my friend.

On open source, I'm still in debate, so I won't commen at length, but writing software is damned hard, and I hate those that try to undermine my ability to make a living by spreading the free software ideal. Having said that, there is more than one definition of "free" in use in OSS, and not every one bad. It's a thick forest with a lot of issues on both sides.

To your point on Microsoft releasing expensive updates with few new features, it's quite simple. They're always going to have a current version of everything, and it's alwasy going to cost whatever they feel the complete package is worth. You're not expected to buy the latest and greatest, so don't. They'll market it anyway, because it's in their best interest to do so, but you DO have the option of ignoring it. Simply buy the versions that appeal to you, and skip the rest. But to expect the company to stagnate for years because the version you bought is good enough for you is ludicrous. If I buy Office 2000, and in two years they've added a few new features, why shouldn't the next guy who comes along be able to buy Office 2002? It doesn't mean that I have to, because I'm satisfied with what I paid for, but he should be able to buy whatever is current.

Do you get pissy at Toyota for releasing a new Camry every year (let's assume, just for a moment, that you're a Camry customer), and forcing you to upgrade for $25,000 or so? No, because you understand that they'll always have a "current" model, and you're happy with whichever you paid for. You'll likely skip a few years, and upgrade when you're ready. Toyota will even advertise that you should be in a shiney new Camry, but you'll ignore it, because you know they're talking only to those that are ready to buy new or upgrade, and not to you, someone who just bought one last year.

Microsoft is no different.

In any case, software development sucks today, I agree. My personal pet peeve is AJAX. Not because of the usual "it's old technology with a new name" argument. That's just arrogance. It's because we've just spent a decade refining the desktop, and now we're writing shitty applications in the browser that are less capable and less consistent across platforms than Windows 1.0.


Yes, I understand the need for a capable, cross-platform environment for developing easily-distributed and managed applications. However, the browser is infantile, immature, and designed in a different time for a different purpose. Instead of trying to cram modern software into such a crippled tool, we should instead be devoting our efforts into new technology that will actually solve the problem. Java failed to live up to expectations, but it was a good cause. Microsoft's .NET framework, combined with SmartClient and ClickOnce, are great concepts, taking advantage of easy deployment and updates, and the full rich UI of Windows. Of course, it's not there yet, but it's a better area to spend R&D money than another round of AJAX crap.


I hope you never want to work again:


Just shut the fuck up, microsoft troll. I suspect you are microsoft employee (and assbandit, as well).


Anyone who says ClickOnce is a "great concept" is a Microsoft cocksucker.

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